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Welcome to the Windsor Preceptory website.


  19 October 2017 The website software has been updated. If you find any parts of the website that aren't working properly please email the Webmaster    

  19 July 2017 New server - The website has now been moved to a new server. If you experience any problems with the site please email    

  10 October 2011 The webmaster has added new security measures to the website, including a login timeout. If you get your password wrong three times in a row, you will be locked out for one minute before you can try again.    

  9 May 2011 The webmaster is currently making some changes to the underlying program code of the site. This will not affect any visual aspects of the website but if you find some errors, or pages not loading properly then please drop him an email. Email the webmaster  

  27 April 2011 The Treasurer has not yet got around to updating the "Dues Paid" entries on the site database. If you log into the website and you are showing as having this years dues outstanding, don't panic! the database will be updated soon to correctly reflect the current status.    

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